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ACS Feng Shui Poster - Pyonia Love

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Peonies have a very sincere and open energy to them, an unabashed purity and soft joy that is very healing. ... This obviously made the peony one of the most popular feng shui flower symbol for love and marriage


2. Peonies

feng shui flower symbols - peonies

There is no woman on this earth – at least I have not met one yet! – that does not love peonies. There is something incredibly sensual and healing about this unique flower, from its delicious scent to its luscious form and the endless variety of pink and white colors. Peonies have a very sincere and open energy to them, an unabashed purity and soft joy that is very healing. A blooming peony flower emits a delicate energy that encourages the adoration and appreciation of one’s own sensuality, a sensuality that is pure, innocent and deliciously ever unfolding.

This obviously made the peony one of the most popular feng shui flower symbol for loveand marriage. However, there is an interesting, fear-based twist to the classical feng shui use of peony as a love and marriage cure.

As blooming peonies are very seductive, the classical feng shui school does not recommend the image of peonies in the bedroom of an older couple. The explanation of “blooming peonies can make the husband have a roving eye” never made any sense to me; this is where you have to use your own judgment to be able to separate the energetic essence of any particular item from its cultural stereotypes or fear-based projections.

As humans, we are still quite limited in our understanding of what truly makes love last (and how important it is to nourish our sensuality), so no wonder peonies got quite a bit of bad rap from the old feng shui schools.

The adorable peony is considered one of the oldest cultivated flowers and its energy can resemble the energy of the rose. However, the wild sense of freedom, softness, and sensuality of peony is very, very unique. The healing energy of peony goes deeper than just the beauty of the flower, as the roots of the red and white peonies are much valued in Chinese medicine.

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