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ACS Feng Shui Poster - Laughing Budha

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More Than Just a Statue. There are few feng shui cures as popular and as universal in their application as the Laughing Buddha. Used as a feng shui to bring good luck, abundance, happiness, success, good health; any feng shui bagua area can benefit from the sparkling energy of the Laughing Buddha.

Placement and direction of laughing Buddha

1) One should place a Buddha statue in his or her home to bring contentment and serenity. Buddha's birthday falls on 8th May and it is considered auspicious if a candle is lightened on his birthday. It is said that it fulfils desires.

2) Placement of Buddha in the East sector (Feng Shui Bagua Formula) or in a direction where it could be seen by all the family members when they are seated in the living room or the main hall is considered to resolve the differences amongst the family members.
3) If the Buddha statue is placed facing one's Sheng Chi direction (Feng Shui Kua Formula) then it is said to bring wealth, helpful in self-development, well-being and victory. It helps in achieving one's goals.
4) Laughing Buddha displayed in the South east direction of the main hall, dining room or bed room of the home brings windfall luck and increased income in the family.
5) Placing Buddha in office gives clear mind, reduces tensions and eliminates enemies' effect.
6) Keeping Buddha on one's desk enhances luck and fulfils aspirations.

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