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ACS Feng Shui Poster - Water Fall

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Fountains are very popular in feng shui because they bring the energy of the water feng shui element, and water is an ancient feng shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. Its power is enhanced by its ability to change form—from liquid to solid to gas—and its freedom of movement or expression.


Feng-Shui Waterfalls

Feng-Shui Waterfalls

In feng shui waterfalls or fountains, and their image in the form of paintings or photographs, are an abundant flow of wealth and good fortune. Moving water is an essential element of feng shui.


Fountains and waterfalls are very popular in feng shui because they bring the energy of water, and water is an ancient symbol of feng shui wealth and prosperity.


Location of your feng shui fountain or waterfall is determined by the energy map of Feng Shui, the interaction of five elements of feng shui.

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